Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Information overload-Babywise? 90 minute sleep cycle?

There are so many different books about how to get your baby to sleep better.  I read babywise and thought it was a great book.  I definitely would not start using the strict "crying it out"(letting the baby cry and figure out how to fall asleep without your assistance) until 3 months or later, but the scheduling-sleep, eat, wake- is very helpful for me as a new mom.  I thought the scheduling was working and getting my baby to sleep longer, but then she stopped doing so well.  I started a new book yesterday.  This book is written by a sleep specialist.  It's called the 90 minute baby sleep program.  So far, I'm liking it.  The author says that we all have a 90 minute alert cycle, and the best time for a baby to go to sleep is at the end of that 90 minutes or the alert cycle will start over and you will have a harder time getting the baby to sleep.  I definitely see this every day with my baby (and my ADHD husband).  In summary, the author of the 90 minute sleep program talks about noticing signs of your baby being tired and noting the time of the baby's last time waking up in order to figure out the end of the baby's alert cycle.  The author also talks about "crying it out", but calls it "controlled crying" and says that if you follow the 90 minute cycle routine for sleeping,  you will not have to deal with the "controlled crying" much longer than 15 minutes and only 3 days on average.  It's interesting how this book suggests you to help your baby to sleep with rocking, etc., and the  Babywise book says rocking your baby to sleep is not good, because the baby will not learn to sleep on his own.  The 90 minute sleep program says the baby needs help getting to sleep until 6 months.  There are so many books with different ideas and advice.  It's great that moms have this information, but sometimes it gets overwhelming and we, well at least me, get caught up in techniques and what's right and wrong that we lose a day of just enjoying our babies.

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