Friday, July 6, 2012

No sleep makes me crazy

I forget what I walked into a room for.  I trip on things.  Yesterday, I tripped and fell in a movie theater. ha! I feel like a walking zombie sometimes.  My parents are here to help so I feel myself getting back to normal.  They leave tomorrow and I think Justin and I are going to attempt letting baby Millie cry it out.    I talked to several people at a party on July 4 that said it only took their baby a couple of nights of CIO before their baby started sleeping longer.  I hope it only takes one night!  It's so painful to hear my baby cry for very long, but at this point we have to do something.  I'll be going back to work in a month so we need to fix this sleep problem before then.  Today she has her 4 month doctor appointment, so maybe the doctor will have some suggestions.

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